Apply To Host An ISA Meeting

  1. Introduction:

    The International Society of Amyloidosis (ISA) seeks proposals from interested ISA members to host the International Society of Amyloidosis Symposia (ISA-S). The ISA-S aims to be an event that:
    1. Meets the scientific and clinical needs and demands in the respective geographic areas of the world
    2. Enhances ISA’s name and reputation as a leading organization in amyloidosis, supporting the mission to advance science and clinical care worldwide
    3. Offers new, innovative, and regionally appropriate approaches in terms of education and clinical care
    4. Creates unique partnerships to strengthen ISA’s global network
    5. Allows for participation of emerging countries by putting in place an affordable registration fee structure and making available travel grants and other forms of support
    6. Yields financial return to all partners according to targets specified for each Workshop, thereby allowing for further host and ISA investments in education and developing programs.
  2. Important dates
    1. The call for proposals is sent out by the ISA approximately four years in advance with a deadline to receive full proposals as specified by the ISA President.
    2. The proposals will be reviewed and discussed by the ISA Board prior to the ISA meeting, such that the next venue can be announced at the upcoming ISA meeting.
  3. International Society Of Amyloidosis Guidelines

    1. The meeting
      1. The ISA symposium will typically be held approximately every two years, rotating among various regions of the world.
      2. Specific dates are to be recommended by the Host and a subcommittee of the ISA Board.
      3. The conference is held over 4-5 days, adjusted to the part of the world where the meeting would be held in order to accommodate travel by international attendees.
      4. The ISA-symposium aims to attract approximately 1000 participants
    2. The local meeting committee
      1. The host committee should have a President plus 2-3 members.
      2. They are responsible for all the logistics at the venue and will appoint the best event organizer according to geographic location.
      3. The workshop should have a uniform format in terms of satellites, symposiums, oral session, and posters, with adaptations approved by the ISA Executive Board.
    3. Minimum destination and venue requirements
      1. An international airport within reasonable distance of the city
      2. 1000 hotel bedrooms within easy reach of the venue in a range of categories, including budget hotels. If the distance between hotels and the venue is significant, it is a requirement that the venue arrange shuttles.
      3. Professional infrastructure for symposium (availability of convention bureau, trained professionals, etc.) along with a track record in the organization of international meetings of similar size and scope
      4. Venue
        • Availability of an appropriate meeting venue for 6 days, 2 days of which are required for set up of meeting infrastructure and exhibition.
        • A plenary hall with the capacity of 1000 participants minimum
        • Space for poster and catering as well as smaller meeting rooms if needed
        • Registration area plus back office space
        • Commercial exhibition space
      5. Social Program
        • A welcome reception should take place on the first evening
        • A formal dinner event will be provided for all attendees
        • An attractive and original social program should be suggested for accompanying persons, with several different half or full day tours. This is the responsibility of the local Planning Committee
  4. Budget And Resources

    1. All financial arrangements and contracts will be undertaken by the host who shall oversee all financial matters for the Symposium. The local chair will work in the negotiations with sponsors. The ISA Treasurer will be available for assistance in these matters.
    2. The ISA should fix the registration fee in accordance with the chair of the local committee.
    3. The incomes and expenses should be transparent.
    4. Distribution of overheads: The Local Committee will receive half and the ISA the other half of funds remaining after expenditures of the Symposium is met.
    5. The incomes from the congress should be the main source for the scientific activities promoted by ISA (research, travel awards).
    6. Registration Fees
      1. ISA members will receive reduced registration fees for the Symposium if they are members of ISA at the time of registration.
      2. Applicants approved for membership after registering for the meeting will not be refunded the difference between the member and non-member rates.
      3. Attendees who register after the early registration will be charged the late/on-site registration fee.
      4. Registration fees can be paid by credit card. Checks will not be accepted.
      5. The registration fee includes:
        • Participation in the scientific, oral and poster sessions
        • Access to the exhibition area
        • Conference kit
        • Attendance certificate
        • Lunches
        • Coffee breaks
        • Welcome reception and formal dinner
        • Abstract e-book.
  5. Details For Proposals To Host Future ISA Symposium

The full proposal should include the information outlined below. The ISA Board will evaluate and compare proposals based on all parameters.

  1. Name and description of the specific venue proposed, including
    • Conference space for up to 800 participants
    • Location
    • Contact details
    • Approximate registration fee
    • Number and size of meeting rooms
    • Floor plans and capacity of all meetings rooms
    • Floor plan of proposed exhibition area
    • Facilities for lunch, breaks, and welcome reception
    • Details of the in-house services provided (audiovisual, Wi-Fi and hardwired network connections, catering, etc.). Is there free Wi-Fi throughout the venue?
    • Ability to provide for onsite registration and payment, as well as onsite help desk function
    • Experience of the designation site in managing major international meetings should be outlined
  2. Accommodations
    • Meeting Hotel Map- indicating hotel names, room rates, distances to conference site, and hotel ratings
  3. Transportation
    • Details of access for international travelers (i.e. airlines servicing the city, distance of airport from city)
    • Information with regard to public transportation between hotels, the airport, and the conference venue should be provided, including expected transfer times at peak hours
  4. Meeting Dates
    • The proposed meeting dates available at the suggested venue should be clearly stated.
  5. Financial and Contractual
    • Confirm host organization’s ability to sign a contract with ISA regarding organizing the meeting, to transfer 50% of profits to ISA and to take responsibility for any financial loss
    • Confirm host organization’s ability to prepare detailed budgets and negotiate contracts (or availability of support for these functions)
    • Cancellation policies and arrangements in case of emergency
    • Local or regional organizations that may provide financial support
    • Any tax incentives available for holding a meeting in this venue
    • Insurance requirements to utilize the venue. If requirements, provide information on local insurance companies that provide such insurance.
    • Overview of union or labor rules at the venue (for example, are ISA staff or contractors allowed to move boxes or material within venue? Are there any requirements for more than one AV staff person per room? When do overtime charges apply?)
    • Is there the ability to fund a site visit for 1-2 staff if the proposal is short-listed?
  6. Technology
    • Ability to provide a conference app for smartphone use
    • Plan to hold hybrid or 100% virtual conference if necessary.
    • Ability to create and maintain a conference website, provide registration and e-commerce functions and provide financial and registration reports to ISA as requested.
  7. Submission address: The proposals should be sent by email in PDF format, to the [email protected] Please make sure receipt of proposals are confirmed by the ISA office.