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International Society of Amyloidosis (ISA), a non-profit organization of Scientists and Physicians engaged in research, teaching, or practice in connection with amyloid and amyloidosis. The aims of our Society are to promote research, education, clinical studies (including diagnosis and treatment), conferences and symposia on all aspects of amyloidosis worldwide.

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ISA 2022 Information Now Online

Get ready for ISA 2022, September 4-8, 2022 in Heidelberg, Germany! Initial information is now available online.

World Amyloidosis Day, October 26, 2021

The objective for the first ever World Amyloidosis Day, organized by Amyloidosis Alliance and patient organizations from 18 different countries, spanning four continents, is to alert the world to the diagnostic delay that patients face. Find out more

ISA Workshop: Gaps in Diagnosis and Management of AL Amyloidosis

November 10, 2021
More information coming soon

ISA Workshop: Screening for ATTR Amyloidosis: Who, How, When?

July 22, 2021 (view recording)

This virtual workshop will addresses controversies regarding screening for ATTR amyloidosis, particularly relevant to internists, neurologists, and cardiologists. Best practices for screening will be suggested. Following three recorded presentations, a live, 15-minute, moderated discussion will be held to answer viewers' submitted questions. 

Thank you to Global Bridges, Alnylam and Janssen Oncology for sponsoring this workshop.

ISA Workshop: Structure and Working Modalities of Amyloidosis Centers

June 24th, 2021 (view recordings)

During this virtual workshop, presenters from seven Amyloidosis Centers and Programs discussed organizational structures and approaches, the potential to generate revenue from various modalities of consultation, along with key success factors and challenges. 

Thank you to Global Bridges, Alnylam and Janssen Oncology for sponsoring this workshop.

Other Educational Events

In the coming months, ISA will hold additional education events, including virtual workshops and ISA 2022. Visit our Educational Events page for more details.



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The current Board of Directors of the ISA was officially elected for the next term via electronic vote on March 4, 2020.

Since 2002, the ISA has had exceptional leadership from around the world. We value their dedication and efforts that have led the organization in progressing the advancement of amyloidosis research.

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Amyloidosis: The Disease What is amyloid?

Amyloid fibrils are structures in which misfolded proteins are deposited in tissue and organs. Different proteins can be deposited as amyloid in various sites of the human body. When in a piece of tissue (a so-called biopsy) these deposits are viewed under a microscope in normal light, the material looks amorphous. However, if the same deposits are viewed under an electron microscope with higher magnification, massive amounts of small non-branching amyloid fibrils can be seen. When a biopsy is stained with Congo red dye, the deposits will stain red. A characteristic feature of amyloid is that these red deposits will turn into apple green if viewed in polarized light. When amyloid deposition leads to signs and symptoms of disease it is called amyloidosis.

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Tissue biopsy with amyloid fibrils stained red