XIX International Symposium on Amyloidosis--selected abstracts available in a Supplement to Amyloid

New! Treatment Availability maps from ISA and the Amyloidosis Research Consortium!

Read guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of amyloidosis, developed by experts in the field on behalf of ISA.

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The International Society of Amyloidosis (ISA) is a non-profit organization of Scientists and Physicians engaged in research, teaching, or practice in connection with amyloid and amyloidosis. The aims of our Society are to promote research, education, clinical studies (including diagnosis and treatment), conferences and symposia on all aspects of amyloidosis worldwide.

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Online Case Study Session

ISA held a Spanish-language online case study session moderated by Eloisa Riva with expert panelists M. Teresa Cibeira, Carlos Fernandez de Larrea, and Ramon Lecumberri. Cases were presented by David Carrido and Erika Brulc. View recording or press the play button below.  


ISA 2024

Congratulations to Organizing Committee Chairs Angela Dispenzieri, Morie Gertz, and Martha Grogan and their co-organizer Stefan Schönland, for holding a successful Symposium in Rochester.

ISA 2026

ISA 2026 will be held in October 2026 in Uruguay! The Organizing Committee is Chaired by Eloisa Riva with members Maria Adela Aguirre, Daniela Barranco, Erika Brulc, Alejandra Gonzalez-Duarte, Marcia Waddington, and Shaji Kumar. We'll post details as they become available. Not familiar with Uruguay? The video below provides a brief overview.