Workshop on Bench to Clinic Translation in Systemic Amyloidoses

InterContinental Athenaeum Athens
September 25-26, 2023

Host: Efstathios Kastritis, MD
Organizing Committee: Efstathios Kastritis, Shaji Kumar, Giovanni Palladini, Eloisa Riva, Eli Muchtar and Stefan Schönland on behalf of ISA's Board of Directors

ISA Sponsors:


Program Overview

Sunday September 24

7-8:30 PM: Welcome Reception (with heavy hors d'oeuvres)
Location: TOBAR (Ground Level) 

Monday September 25

Location: Aphrodite I-II (Ground Level) 
9:00 Welcome and Introduction: Stefan Schönland and Efstathios Kastritis
     Presenter: Stefan Schönland
     Presenter: Stathis Kastritis
          Overview of Amyloid Activities in the Athens Center
9:15 Successes in Translation
     Co-Chairs: Suzanne Lentzsch and Shaji Kumar   
     Presenters: Per Westermark and Giampaolo Merlini
          Successes in Translation

     Presenter: Shaji Kumar
           Successes in Translation Survey Results      
10:00 What Basic Scientists Want To Know From Clinicians
     Co-Chairs: Arnaud Jaccard and Simon Gibbs
     Presenters: Johannes Buchner and Stefano Ricagno
          What Basic Scientists Want to Know From Clinicians
10:50 Break (Refreshments located inside Aphrodite I-II) 
11:10 What Clinicians Want To Know From Basic Scientists
     Co-Chairs: Marcus Faendrich and Frederic Rousseau 
     Presenters: Paolo Milani and Ashutosh Wechalekar
          What Clinicians Want To Know From Basic Scientists
12:00 Summary and Afternoon Agenda Preview

12:15 Buffet Luncheon (Cafezoe, Ground Level) 

1:30 AL Amyloidosis- Session Introduction
     Co-Chairs: Angela Dispenzieri, Alexander Carpinteiro, Thanh Huyen Phan and Joseph Jackson
     Presenters: Mario Nuvolone and Tatiana Prokaeva
          Amyloidogenic LC Sequences
     Presenters: Surendra Dasari and Moshe Gatt
          Amyloidogenic Light Chains in the Blood
Presenter: Stefano Ricagno
      Discussants: Marcus Fändrich, Stefano Ricagno, Johannes Buchner, and Luis del Pozo-Yauner
          Fibril in Tissue and Structure and Their Role in Pathogenesis 
     Presenters: Surendra Dasari, Oshrat Rokah, and Naya Nikoalou
          Organ Damage/ Tissue and Immune Microenvironment
     Presenter: Christophe Sirac
4:30 Treatment of AL Amyloidosis
     Presenter: Moshe Gatt
Discussants: Suzanne Lentzsch, Vaishali Sanchorawala, Moshe Gatt and Ashutosh Wechalekar
          Therapy Approaches
5:00 Summary and Tuesday Agenda Overview
     S. Schönland
5:15 Session Adjourns

6:00 Reception (Premiere Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge, 10th Floor)
7:00 Dinner (Premiere Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge, 10th Floor)

Tuesday September 26

Location: Aphrodite I-II (Ground Level) 
9:00 ATTR Amyloidosis--Session Introduction

     Co-Chairs: Violaine Plante-Bordeneuve, Darae Kim, Paolo Milani, Kwaku Appiah-Kubi and Alberto Aimo      
     Presenter: Darae Kim
          Treatments in ATTR Cardiomyopathy
     Presenter: Violaine Planté-Bordeneuve
          Treatments in ATTR Polyneuropathy
10:00 Break (Refreshments located inside Aphrodite I-II) 
10:30 ATTR Amyloidosis Discussion

12:30 Buffet Luncheon (Cafezoe, Ground Level) 

1:30 Other Systemic Amyloidoses
     Co-Chairs: Bessy Ikonomidou and Chandrika Mittal
     Presenter: Frederic Rousseau
          What Can We Learn From Amyloid Structures?
     Presenter: Gunilla Westermark
          IAPP, Diabetes and Putative Treatments
2:30 Break (Refreshments located inside Aphrodite I-II)
3:00 Summary and Conclusion, Including Emerging Topics
     Co-Chairs: Stefan Schönland, Stathis Kastritis, Alexander Carpinteiro, and Paolo Milani
4:45 Farewell
     Stefan Schönland, Stathis Kastritis
5:00 Workshop Adjourns


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Workshop Attire
Business casual attire is suggested for the workshop but is not mandatory. Please note that the historical high temperature in September in Athens is 29C (84F), with a cooling trend late in the month. You may want to dress in layers because of the air conditioning in the hotel and meeting room.

Mask Suggestion
At this time, mask wearing during the workshop is optional.