Gaps in Diagnosis and Management of AL Amyloidosis

Wednesday November 10, 2021


Amyloidoses are rare disorders caused by the synthesis and deposit of misfolded proteins. The most common and severe type is caused by abnormal, kappa or lambda light-chains (AL). Adequate typing and risk stratification are essential to define optimal management. In the last decades, outcomes for patients with AL amyloidosis have improved with timely diagnosis, use of novel drugs and improved selection criteria of patients undergoing autologous stem cell transplant. With the advent of novel therapeutic strategies, the role of autologous stem cell transplant is being challenged.

Outside of specialized centers, access to the appropriate typing and studies for risk stratification as well as novel therapeutic options is still suboptimal. During this workshop the presenters will review the strategies to achieve an early and adequate diagnosis. The role of autologous transplantation will be discussed, with a focus on Latin America, where access to novel drugs is not universal. Finally, the impact of daratumumab treatment and its place in the therapeutic algorithm will be analyzed. Presentations will be followed by 15 minutes of Q&A and discussion.

Proper management of patients with AL amyloidosis requires a multidisciplinary team. This workshop will be aimed at all those who participate in the management of patients with AL amyloidosis, particularly hematologists, cardiologists, neurologists, nephrologists, pathologists, laboratory specialists and stem cell transplant physicians.


5 PM EDT: Introduction
Moderators: Eloisa Riva, MD, Hospital de Clinicas (Montevideo, Uruguay) and Breno Gusmao, MD, Beneficência Portuguesa of São Paulo (Sao Paolo, Brazil)

5:05 PM EDT: Steps Towards Early and Accurate Diagnosis of AL Amyloidosis (recorded)
Presenter: Dr. M. Teresa Cibeira, MD, PhD, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)

5:18 PM EDT: The Role of Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation in the Current Era (Latin American perspective, recorded)
Presenter: Eloisa Riva, MD, Hospital de Clinicas (Montevideo, Uruguay)

5:31 PM EDT: When and How to Use Daratumumab (recorded)
Presenter: Dr. Simon Gibbs, MBBS FRACP FRCPA, Victorian and Tasmanian Amyloidosis Service (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

5:44 PM EDT: Q&A and Discussion (live)

5:59 PM EDT Summary and wrap-up

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