ISA Awards

ISA's first Giampaolo Merlini Award was presented at ISA 2020; the inaugural awardee was Dr. Merlini himself. The Society instituted the ISA Presidential Award in 2022. Information on each award and award winners are listed below.

Giampaolo Merlini Award

The purpose of the Giampaolo Merlini Award is to recognize outstanding, life-long achievements in clinical and or translational research in the field of amyloidosis and service to the ISA. The award is focused on groundbreaking advances in the field of amyloidosis or extraordinary contributions to the field.  The Giampaolo Merlini Award winner gives a keynote address at the Symposium during which the award is presented.


     Giampaolo Merlini, MD

     2020 Awardee



Per Westermark


     Per Westermark, MD, PhD

     2022 Awardee





       Maria João Mascarenhas Saraiva, PhD

       2024 Awardee






Nomination and Election

The following individuals may serve as nominators/electors for the Giampaolo Merlini Award:

  • Current and past Board members
  • Previous and upcoming symposium organizers
  • Past Giampaolo Merlini Awardees.

All nominators/electors must be ISA members in good standing.

Each nominator/elector may nominate two candidates. Candidates should have made groundbreaking advances in the field of amyloidosis, or extraordinary contributions to the field.

The three candidates with the highest number of nominations will be final nominees. In case of a tie, four candidates will be nominated. Final nominees are asked to submit their relevant merits (in the form of a CV, a biosketch and any other helpful information).

After reviewing these documents, all nominators/electors will be asked to vote for one of the final nominees. In case of a tie vote, a second-round ballot between the two top candidates will take place. In the unlikely event that the tie persists, ISA’s President, President Elect and Secretary will make the decision, either by unanimous agreement or by voting.

ISA Presidential Award

The purpose of the Presidential Award is to recognize and support young amyloidosis researchers who are conducting outstanding research. The International Society of Amyloidosis and the Symposium hosts jointly provide several monetary awards to recognize amyloidosis researchers within 10 years of receiving their terminal degrees who have submitted the best abstracts for each Symposium.

2024 Award Winners
Sarita Sarita, PhD
Xiaokang Wu, MD, PhD
Charalampos Charalampous, MD
Kwaku Appiah-Kubi, PhD
Milou Berends, MD, PhD
Aparna Hari, Pharm D
Nikolaos Louros, PhD
Santiago Decotto, MD
Nerea Mora, MD
Laura De Michieli, MD, PhD
Joanna Dalland, MD
Antonia Sarah Carroll, BSc

Drs. Gertz and Schönland with some of the 2024 Presidential Award winners. 

2022 Award Winners
Jennifer Amadio, MD, MEd
Marco Basset, MD
Charalamous Charalampos, MD
Marc-Antoine Delbarre, MD, MSc
Tobias Dittrich, MD
Fernando de Frutos, MD
Joseph Jackson, PhD
Peter Kvacskay, MD
Emily Martin, PhD
Andrew Staron, MD
Yusuke Takahashi, MD
Hendrea Tingen, MSc

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