ISA Virtual Seminar

AL Amyloidosis Treatment including ASCT for AL Amyloidosis: EHA-ISA Workshop

Wednesday, October 13, 2021


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Moderators: Vaishali Sanchorawala and Ashutosh Wechalekar

Session 1: Treatment of AL Amyloidosis
          EHA-ISA Guidelines Overview
          Ashutosh Wechalekar

Practical implications of AL treatment guidelines in the Europe
          Efstathios Kastritis 15.30-15.45

Treatment/monitoring algorithm and when to treat relapse
          Stefan Schönland


Session 2: High Dose Chemotherapy and Stem Cell Transplantation for Systemic AL Amyloidosis
          EHA-ISA Guidelines Overview
          Vaishali Sanchorawala

Supportive Care During SCT in Patients with AL Amyloidosis
          Efstathios Kastritis