ISA Virtual Workshop
Screening For ATTR Amyloidosis: Who, How, When?

Thursday, July 22, 2021


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ATTR amyloidosis is a frequently unrecognized but increasingly important cause of cardiomyopathy and neuropathy. While relatively uncommon compared to other etiologies, identification of ATTR in earlier stage of disease is critical to permit available therapies the best efficacy. Despite its importance, a general consensus regarding the most practical approaches toward screening of at-risk patients for ATTR amyloidosis is lacking.

This workshop will address controversies regarding screening for ATTR amyloidosis, particularly relevant to internists, neurologists, and cardiologists. Best practices for screening will be suggested. Following three recorded presentations, a live, 15-minute, moderated discussion will be held to answer viewers' submitted questions.

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            Moderator: Frederick L. Ruberg, MD (Boston University)

ATTR Cardiac Amyloidosis – Cardiac Imaging-based Screening Approach
            Presenter: Marianna Fontana, MD, PhD (National Amyloidosis Center/UCL London)

ATTR Cardiac Amyloidosis – Genotype-based and Non-cardiac Manifestation-based Screening Approaches
            Presenter: Mathew Maurer, MD (Columbia University)

ATTR Polyneuropathy
            Presenters: Mitsuharu Ueda, MD, PhD and Yukio Ando, MD, PhD 
           (Department of Neurology, Kumamoto University and Department of Amyloidosis Research, Nagasaki International University)

Q&A and Discussion (live)

            Moderator: Frederick L. Ruberg, MD