Apply to Host ISA 2026

The International Society of Amyloidosis (ISA) seeks proposals from interested ISA members to host the International Society of Amyloidosis Symposium in 2026. ISA aims for its Symposia to:

  • Meet the scientific and clinical needs and demands in the respective geographic areas of the world
  • Enhance ISA’s name and reputation as the leading organization in amyloidosis, supporting the mission to advance science and clinical care worldwide
  • Offer regionally appropriate approaches in terms of education and clinical care
  • Create unique partnerships to strengthen ISA’s global network
  • Allow for participation of emerging countries by putting in place an affordable registration fee structure and making available travel grants and other forms of support.

The ISA Symposium is held approximately every two years, rotating among various regions of the world. Recent Symposia were held in the following locations:

  • Kumamoto, Japan (2018)
  • Barcelona, Spain (2020, changed to virtual due to the pandemic)
  • Heidelberg, Germany (2022).

ISA 2024 will be held May 26-31, 2024 in Rochester, Minnesota, USA. For ISA 2026, ISA’s Board of Directors encourages potential hosts in locations outside Europe and North America to apply.

Specific dates for ISA 2026 are to be recommended by the local Organizing Committee and approved by ISA’s Board of Directors. The conference is held over 4-5 days, adjusted to the part of the world where the meeting would be held to accommodate travel by international attendees. Depending on location, 1000-1500 attendees are expected.

The proposed local Organizing Committee will be responsible for the program and should have a President plus 2-3 members. All should be experts in the field of amyloidosis. The President of the previous Symposium should be an Organizing Committee member to ensure continuity and provide context and advice.

The Symposium should have a format like that of past Symposia in terms of satellites, symposiums, oral session, and posters, with adaptations approved by the ISA Executive Board. Please refer to the ISA 2022 and ISA 2024 programs for specifics. Note that a half-day patient program should be provided on the last day of the Symposium.

A conference “app” for smartphone use is desirable. Although in-person attendance will be emphasized, streaming or hybrid capability for remote attendance should be available.

ISA’s staff can be available to provide logistics and meeting planning support depending on the needs of the local Organizing Committee (see Appendix).

Site Selection Process
Proposals to host ISA 2026 will be evaluated by ISA’s Board of Directors and ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Convenience and affordability of location for international attendees
  • Location outside Europe and North America (preferred for 2026)
  • Level of safety and security concerns
  • Appropriateness of venue for the typical ISA Symposium program and number of attendees
  • Availability of hotel rooms, including some at budget rates, within walking distance and/or accessible via shuttle or public transportation
  • Track record of the venue and professional infrastructure with similar events
  • Depth and breadth of amyloidosis expertise of Organizing Committee members
  • Tourist appeal/name recognition of host city.

After initial review of proposals, ISA may request additional information and/or a presentation from top-rated potential hosts. Specific responsibilities of the Organizing Committee and ISA staff for logistics and meeting planning support, as well as financial arrangements, will be discussed during this phase of the site selection process.

The final selection of the host site will be made in the first half of 2024 and announced at ISA 2024.

Proposal Details
If you are interested in hosting ISA 2026, please send your proposal, including answers to the following questions, in a pdf format to ISA’s Executive Director, Mona Johnson by January 19, 2024.

  1. In what city would you like to hold the conference and what are the advantages of the proposed location?
    Give conference venue name and address. Provide information on nearest airport(s) and travel options with approximate costs and distances from these airport(s) to the conference site, proximity of conference site to tourist attractions, other international conferences held at this site.

  2. When would you like to hold the conference?
    ISA Symposia are typically held from Sunday through Thursday (five days total) sometime in May-September, with some flexibility depending on the climate of the proposed location. At least two days are needed for set-up before the meeting. Describe the typical weather during the proposed time period.

  3. Who would be on your local Organizing Committee?
    Give the names and affiliations of at least three individuals who would serve on the local organizing committee, indicating their time commitment, breadth and depth of their amyloidosis expertise, and any previous experience organizing a conference.

  4. Please describe the conference venue you plan to use. Does it have the following meeting rooms, either within one building or in several buildings that are close to each other?
        --One plenary room for a minimum of 1200 people (may be somewhat lower for locations outside Europe and North America)
        --Commercial exhibit space (please describe)
        --Smaller lecture rooms for up to 100 people
        --Small rooms for meetings of up to 20 people
        --Space for reception for a minimum of 800 people
        --Space for poster sessions (as many as 500 posters)

  5. What is the estimated cost of renting this space, including two days of set-up time before the meeting begins?
    Give some details, including distance between buildings, diagrams of meeting rooms, availability of air conditioning and internet access, when rooms must be reserved, any costs associated with cancellation. Any potential concerns such as construction at the conference site? Is the venue accessible for those with mobility issues?

  6. Does the conference venue you plan to use have its own food and beverage service, or will an outside catering service provide this service?

  7. Are there hotel accommodations within walking distance (or easy public transport or shuttle service) to the conference site for a minimum of 1000 people?
    List hotels' names/brands and any low-cost options for students, approximate nightly rates, numbers of rooms, distance/travel options to conference site. If the distance between hotels and the venue is significant, shuttles between the venue and hotels will be required.

  8. Please give some suggestions for the social program:
        --A welcome reception to take place on the first evening
        --A formal dinner event for all attendees
        --An attractive and original social program for accompanying persons, with several different half or full day tours.

  9. Do you know of any local grants or support for bringing a conference of this size to the proposed host city? (e.g., companies, tourism office, mayor hosting a reception, etc.) Please provide any details available. Are there any tax advantages/credits for holding a meeting in the proposed host city?

  10. Do you plan to provide a meeting “app” for smartphone use? Please describe.

  11. Please tell us how you will provide livestreaming or hybrid capabilities for virtual attendance. Note that there is an opportunity for ISA to provide audiovisual services including livestreaming or hybrid capabilities.

  12. Please provide details of any support available from local conference services and volunteers, as well as a convention and visitors bureau. Please list any recent conferences and meetings organized by these local meeting volunteers and professionals. Please also complete the Appendix to give us a preliminary indication of which meeting management tasks you anticipate will be provided locally, and which tasks may require the assistance of ISA staff.

  13. Do you have the ability to fund a site visit for 1-2 staff if the proposal is short-listed?

 Please make sure you complete the Appendix! If you have questions, please email Mona Johnson.